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Save your brain with meditation

Help your brain with meditation as you age A recent study by the University of California Los Angeles Brain Mapping Center proposed that long term meditation may have some important positive effects on the brain: over the course of 20 … Continue reading

Meditation for busy people

Meditation for busy people When you think about meditation, you think about sitting serenely for a period of time in a quiet place, listening to music or the sound of your breath. However, setting aside that period of time to … Continue reading

Game of Thrones star advocates mindfulness

Mindfulness endorsed by Game of Thrones star Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn recently visited students studying mindfulness in the United Kingdom. A longtime practitioner of mindfulness, Flynn dropped by the GCSE students at Ygsol Dewi Sant. The students are currently undergoing … Continue reading

Music and meditation

Music and meditation Music is arguably one of man’s greatest inventions. It can invoke many emotions and stimulate many different kinds of moods. When you think about a serene atmosphere, is there music playing? It’s very common in places such … Continue reading

Why Omni meditation benches are better!

Advantages of an Omni meditation bench We have written a lot about different ways one can meditate, the benefits and advantages one can find by meditating, and many related topics. But there’s one question that we’d like to bring up … Continue reading

Nondirective Meditation and Memory

Meditation and Memory In case you missed it, a recent study published in the neuroscience journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience links meditation to an increased function of the brain’s ability to process emotions and memories. The meditation studied is classified … Continue reading

Meditation versus mindfulness

Which can help me – Meditation versus Mindfulness? In our last post, we detailed how mindfulness at work can help you lower stress and improve your health. However, we’ve received a few emails asking for an explanation between mindfulness and … Continue reading

How mindfulness can help at work

Mindfulness at work It’s no secret that many of us are stressed out at work. Looming deadlines, high workloads, rude customers and more all contribute to a stressful, and sometimes unfavorable, work conditions.  We spend a third or more of … Continue reading

How to begin meditating

How does one start meditating? In other posts, I explain about the many benefits of meditation. Chances are, with all the positive effects that meditation has, meditation is gaining popularity as a way to reduce stress and gain mental focus. I … Continue reading