Meditation for busy people

When you think about meditation, you think about sitting serenely for a period of time in a quiet place, listening to music or the sound of your breath. However, setting aside that period of time to devote solely to meditation doesn’t work with some schedules. As a parent, I know this as much as anyone. So, is there a way to practice meditation for busy people?

If you are one of these people always trying to make more time and organize your calendar, this article is for you. Meditation is most effective, especially for beginners, in the traditional setting. However, with practice, there are many alternatives to where, when and how you meditate so you can practice meditation while doing other tasks you enjoy or would otherwise be committed to. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few of those alternatives:

Meditating during yoga is a popular alternative. Yoga is very conducive to meditation, as you are focused yet calm and serene.

Many long distance runners, myself included, can achieve a state of helpful meditation while running. Focusing on the rhythmic beat of your footsteps or your breathing is especially helpful for reaching your meditation focus.

Those who enjoy the outdoors tend to prefer meditation while hunting, fishing or hiking. Being surrounded by nature is an excellent setting for a calming and serene meditation session.

Those whom are more musically-minded may find that soothing music of their choice can be a focus of a meditation session. However, the caveat is that music can’t be the focus of your attention, but the vehicle to enter a meditative state.

This very short list is only the beginning of suggestions. We can all find our activity or state of being that’s contributing to a mind state that promotes relaxation and serenity.

If you’re a busy person that doesn’t meditate the traditional way, in a seated position, (possibly using an Omni Meditation Bench) what do you do? What’s your secret for meditation for busy people?