Why Omni meditation benches are better!

We have written a lot about different ways one can meditate, the benefits and advantages one can find by meditating, and many related topics. But there’s one question that we’d like to bring up to answer a lot of questions that we get from our customers: What makes an Omni Meditation Bench better than the rest? We’re here to answer that today in the blog below.

Our meditation benches will fit you better

The purpose of a meditation bench is to primarily give you a comfortable, stable tool to facilitate your meditation. When you’re comfortable, it’s easier for you to transcend into a deeper level of meditation. That being said, many other meditation benches only offer one size, and if you’re anything like me, “one size fits all” usually means “it’s not really going to fit you”. We’re all different shapes and sizes! However, the Omni Meditation bench has two sizes to choose from, so it’s easier to find the one that’s right for you. We pride ourselves on how it will fit you. Try one out and see for yourself –— we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to take a risk — if it doesn’t fit, return it for a size that fits you better! Also, upon request, we make custom sizes — that’s something our competitors won’t do.

Our meditation benches are built better

We use hand-selected cherry wood to make our meditation benches to ensure a beautiful, yet strong and light bench for strength and portability. What’s more, after countless hours and trial and error, we have come up with a patented torque hinge that can stand up to many stresses — which is usually one of the weak points in our competitors’ benches. And, only Omni Meditation benches feature the rounded leg design for comfort. This design ensures your spine will be perfectly aligned for comfort and stability when you’re meditating.

Our meditation benches look better

We finish each meditation bench using hand-rubbed Italian lacquer to bring out the natural beauty of the cherry wood. And with brass-plated hinges, the Omni Meditation bench is not only comfortable and strong, but aesthetically beautiful as well.