We strive for the highest quality in our products and customer service. And here are just a few of the hundreds of Testimonials we have compiled over the years. Read on!

The Omni Meditation Bench is by far the best sitting bench on the market.

Pacific Spirit

Your bench has helped my lower back problems immeasurably. I can now meditate without pain.

D.P., Berkeley, California

I have lower back pain which interferes with my meditation. A friend with similar problems told me with great excitement and enthusiasm what the Omni Bench had done for him. He let me borrow his bench. It was wonderful. Please send me an Omni Bench as soon as possible.

S.B., Concord, California

The bench has arrived. Thanks for the prompt service. Your product is just right for me as I have a spinal disorder which limits my meditation. Using the bench has about doubled the time in which I can sit and be pain free.

Dr C.B., Victoria, Australia

Just a wonderful bench, feels just right for my back. I can understand why you have so many testimonials.

C.S., El Cerrito, California

Dear Mr. Catizone, I would like to thank you very much for the Omni Bench. It helps my back, I appreciate it. Now I am able to sit in meditation more often, thanks to you. Thank you very much. Sincerely,

S.W., Gardner Prison, Gardner, Massachusetts

A friend let me borrow his Omni Bench and it was fabulous. Please send me a large Omni Bench as soon as possible. Hi Peter — I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful bench. It arrived in only 3 days. I’ve been using it since, and it is amazing — no more screaming back! It will also be useful in playing with my 3 year old niece, as we spend a lot of time coloring on the floor. Thanks again,

J.K., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Peter, The kneeling bench you sent me last September is wonderful. I use it for drawing as well as meditation. It’s amazingly comfortable for my back. It’s the best portable seat by far that I’ve ever tried. Eventually I want to get that table you make to go with the bench. Many thanks for designing and making such a functional beautiful object. Best regards,

C.B., New York, New York

Dear Peter, Upon first seeing my Omni, I immediately was impressed by the great karma ingrained not only by the tree which gave her up but by the artist who had created her as well. Since receiving her she has travel 7 states with me and has served me well. I continue to be impressed by her beauty and utility. Zazen is no longer physically impossible for me with my arthritic knees and back. Thank you for your craftsmanship. Sincerely.

J.B.F., Clinton, Missouri

Dear Peter: Thank you for the prompt delivery of my Omni Bench. It is a wonderful piece of furniture, sturdily constructed, compact, and very light. It will be very easy to transport place to place. As soon as it arrived I just had to try it out. Now my meditation will not be plagued by stiff knees and ankles. It keeps my back nicely balanced. It is very comfortable to use. I will certainly recommend the Omni Bench to all enquirers with (and without) stiff joints. Barb.

B.O., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Greetings! My Omni bench had arrived a few days prier to Christmas, but I restrained myself and refused to open it till Christmas morning. Not versed in all the various means of achieving enlightenment, while I was seated upon the Omni bench it was as near to enlightenment that I had as of yet achieved. Great bench and it really takes the pressure away from one’s legs, thereby alleviating discomfort, and enabling one to maintain a straight back. Perfect for Zen meditation!!! Thanks!

If I am ever able to start my own Zen Judo school these benches will be used by the practitioners to better their meditation skills and in the process be granted the means to enlightenment.

M.M., Akron, Ohio

Dear Peter, A couple of weeks ago, I had an opportunity to try out my new Omni bench in an extended sitting situation. I was recording an intensive in Berkeley, with my teacher Pema Chodron. The place was jammed to the rafters. For two days, I was shoehorned behind a tiny sound table with the PA guy. One of his speaker stands was a couple of inches in front of my nose. He was sitting on a gomden, as were most of the people there. In this intensely claustrophobic situation, I discovered an unexpectedbenefit of my bench: it allowed me to occupy significantly less floor space than would have been the case with a cushion. I was deeply grateful to avoid the otherwise inevitable butting up of knees with my neighbor.

Other than that, my experience with the Omni has been that my back is a lot straighter, with less effort; and after an initial breaking-in period, I soon transcended the unfamiliarity of an uncushioned surface and minor foot discomfort. All in all, I much prefer the Omni to my gomden — in fact, I’ve started taking it with me to sitting events where I would otherwise have used the resident gomdens. It’s so compact and light, I don’t think twice about tucking it under my arm for the ride.

Once again, thank you for being so responsive, easy to work with, and generous. I expect my Omni bench to take me through many, many hours of posturally advanced practice.

J.W., Boulder, Colorado

Dear Peter My bench arrived last Friday, and I wanted to contact you as soon as possible to say how delighted I am with it. Not only is it beautifully crafted and a joy to look at, but functionally it is soooooooo comfortable. Goodbye sciatica!! Sincere thanks and best wishes.

S.T., Christ Church, Barbados

Thank you for your help and wonderful meditation bench. On long retreats, its design allows minor adjustments of the angle of the spine which makes all the difference! We just finished our January retreat and your benches were the talk of the retreat, as they eased the pain of long meditation sessions.

T.A., Esoteric Buddhist Society, Hawaii

Peter, The bench has arrived and is proving to be well worth the wait. The custom fit is perfect and the bench is truly adding comfort to my sitting practice. Thanks so much for making such a beautiful meditation bench for me.

M.R., Carteret, New Jersey

I am very impressed and happy with my Omni Bench, and look forward to receiving my Omni Desk. Your workmanship is exceptional and your obvious dedication to your craft enriches all who experience your products.

K.J., Ph.D., Chicago, Illinois

The design and workmanship is excellent. You have such a beautiful product.

S.C., Freestone, California

The Omni Bench has an elegant simplicity that reminds me of Shaker pieces.

P.M., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Thank you for such careful and fine workmanship and the care you have taken with this order.

R.U., Lancashire, England

The Omni Bench is excellent.

P.P., Alberta, Canada

I want to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate this beautiful meditation bench. It’s just a lovely piece.

G.P., Kingston, Rhode Island

It’s beautiful. I love the hinges.

L.F., Weston, Massachusetts

I’m calling to tell you I really enjoy The Omni Bench. It’s beautiful and your workmanship is excellent on the bench.

B.D., Tracy, California

It is beautifully done.

B.F., Solana Beach, California

I want to purchase an Omni Bench. Two of my friends ordered them and they think that they are just wonderful.

K.A., Ponte Vedra, Florida

Just got home from work. The bench was waiting for me at the doorstep. I opened it up and sat on it for thirty seconds and it is so beautiful and so comfortable and I am so happy that I just had to call you right this minute and say thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of art. It’s just absolutely gorgeous to look at. I love the grain that’s in the seat — it’s very unique — and I know its going to help my meditation immeasurably because it just feels wonderful to sit on and I just wanted to thank you.

Dr. B.F., Tampa, Florida

I’m ordering an Omni Desk. I am anxious for its arrival based on the fine craftsmanship of the two benches of yours which I already have. Thank you for making such fine items. I will cherish them for the balance of this lifetime.

J.C., Marysville, Ohio

Thanks for the great benches!

T.P., Santa Rosa, California

I see by your WWW address that you must be a sculptor. I would suspect that this explains the quality of your design which is apparent even in the pictures you sent.

B.P., Denver, Colarado

Thank you for your efficient service I tried the bench today and it’s wonderful.

C.A., Montreal, Canada

I just received the bench and it looks terrific. I will let my friends know.

J.F., Los Angeles, California

Dear Peter, I wanted to let you know how well your Omni Bench worked for me at my first retreat at Cloud Mountain Retreat Center (near Mt. Saint Helens). It is a very comfortable style of sitting for me in general, especially for meditation, as well as being a beautiful piece of furniture. Thank you.

S.F., Poulsbo, Washington

By the way the workmanship in the bench is just perfect.

W.H., N. California

The bench came, it is to die for, bless you, it is wonderful.

M.G., Kentfield, California

I am real pleased with the bench.

L.S., Cincinnati, Ohio

A zafu user since 1950, I threw away my cushion after trying your bench.

Abbot R.L., Zen Buddhist monastery, Chicago, Illinois

I received your Omni Bench and I love it. I love that color oak, to. Again, I love the bench. It’s beautiful and I’d like to order a desk to go with it.

T.P., Portland, Oregon

Thank you in advance. Again, I love my Omni Bench and I’m sure the Omni Desk and The Altar will be wonderful additions.

C.R.S., Rocky River, Ohio

Received my sitting bench today… many thanks for your kindness. It feels wonderful after years on the ‘shiftine buckwheats’… I expect that it will last through my lifetime. I will be sure that my son receives it when I can no longer have need for it, assuring its human contact beyond our lifetimes… My love and appreciation.

B.F., Palos Verdes Estates, California

The bench is great, very comfortable and a beautiful design.

S.P., Salvador, Brazil

Your pieces are lovely and very functional.

N.K., Tucson, AZ

The wood you use — and your workmanship — is so beautiful.

J.A., Napa, California

Dear Peter: The bench arrived on Friday and is every bit as beautiful as I had imagined it would be! I took it to the zendo yesterday and proudly showed it off to my teachers. Using this bench, I was not reluctant to take a place closer to the front of the room, so that my hearing aids were more efficient in allowing me to hear the dharma talk. I used it on the straw mat, so that it would not slide on the wooden floor. The height proved to be exactly right. I am very, very pleased with it and thank you so much for figuring out how to construct it for my needs. Being in correspondence with you has been a pleasure — using your craftsmanship will be a lifelong one.

J.A., Napa, California

I have just received the Omni Bench and its all that I had hoped it would be.

W.H., Ossining, New York

Peter: You can add the names of K.T. and L.K. to those who find your Omni meditation benches the essence of elegant simplicity; not to mention great zazen facilitators.

K.T.- L.K. St. James, New York

Peter: Thanks for your craftsmanship.

C-K.H., Tenafly, New Jersey

Peter: The bench has arrived and it is exactly what I wanted. I think your desk and altar are really beautiful.

M.B., Pacific Palisades, California

Peter: Many thanks for supplying us with such a beautiful object to help us in those long sits!

K.L., Getreidegasse, Salzburg

Peter: Thank you for a wonderful bench and prompt service.

M.G. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Peter: Bench is wonderful! Looking forward to the desk — rush it along!

T.B., Greenbelt, Maryland

Peter: The Lord give you Peace. I just wanted to thank you for your prompt deliverance of the Omni Bench. I find it an excellent piece of work that allows me to maintain a more reverent stance before the Lord in prayer.

E.J., Franciscan Friars of St. Bonaventure Friary., Brighton, MA

Peter: Yesterday afternoon, much to our delight, the shrine table [Altar] was delivered. What a beautiful, beautiful shrine table. We are just thrilled with it. I can not find the words to describe its beauty and that’s an understatement. Our friends arrived as we were unpacking it and they were just as awestruck by its beauty and power. I can not thank you enough.

Professor F.J., Kalamazoo, Michigan

The Altar is stunning. What an excellent craftsman you are, and the wood is beautiful.

Dr. P.C., Nashville, Tennessee

Thanks so much for the opportunity to choose the bench that most invariably met my comfort needs. Your workmanship is outstanding and the design aesthetically beautiful.

I am sure I’ll be receiving inquiries into the source and I will enthusiastically refer them to you without reservation. Thanks again for your kindness and flexibility in accommodating my interest.

S.K., San Francisco, California

Dear Peter, Thanks for the great benches.

T.R., Santa Rosa, California

Dear Peter, What a wonderful product you are supplying.

V.L., Gainesville, Florida

Greetings Peter. I am so enjoying my bench — thank you. I would now like to order a desk and another bench for a friend. Thank you again for your fine work.

J.H.,San Francisco, California

I just wanted to let you know that the altar arrived today and it is most gorgeous. It is extraordinary. You have outdone yourself and I love it. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Your aesthetic calls are wonderful and your galactic swirl is just great. Thanks so much. I appreciate all your good efforts.

G.H., Inverness, California

I received my bench today, and it’s beautiful; had just returned from dropping my check in the mail to you, and it appeared like magic. Thanks again,

D.A.W., New York, New York

Dear Peter, The parcel arrived safely. Thank you so much for your efforts. The meditation bench is perfect in its elegant simplicity and functionality. I love it. You do good work. I’ll contact you again regarding a further order (my wife covets your work.) Thanks again. All the best,

Dr. E.F.C., Visiting Fellow, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea

Dear Peter, THE BENCH ARRIVED TODAY! It could have a real positive effect on my sitting practice. Thanks for your prompt attention to this order and for a great product. Sincerely,

P.R., Wantagh, New York

Peter, I am enjoying the bench! It’s really great. I feel like I’m in a yoga pose while meditating, only I’m totally comfortable.

K.E. McD., Albany, California

Hello Peter, I just got my meditation bench and couldn’t wait to try it out! It is beautiful, and it is comfortable. I’ve been sitting full lotus for years, but now I have converted. I don’t want to do anything to ruin the aesthetics of this beautiful piece of art. Best regards,

J.G., Narberth, Pennsylvania

Dear Peter, I got the desk and bench today — they are wonderful. Thanks,

S.N.D., Queensbury, New York

Hello, I got to try one of your benches this weekend — I loved it. I think I want to order a bench along with a desk. Thanks,

S.N.D., Queensbury, New York

Thanks for the bench. It arrived two days ago and the wood is beautiful. Thanks,

D.T., San Mateo, California

Dear Peter; I have been meaning to write, but got busy with other things — the usual excuse of today. I received the large Figured Birch Omni Chair and I love it — the comfort, quality and care that you put into it are beautiful. Thank you again. There is a remote chance that I will be in New England in August for a meeting in Plymouth, NH. and after 10 years away from NE I will have to see Boston and Cambridge again and hope to stop in to thank you personally.

Professor J.W.A., Claremont, California

I just wanted to let you know that I received the benches today and they are stunning! I now understand what you meant when you talked about the beauty of the medium-sized beech bench. I have to admit that I hope my boyfriend prefers the large bench, because I selfishly want the medium one for myself! If the large bench is too tall for his comfort, though, I’ll have to give him the medium — exchange the large one for another medium for myself. Sigh. Thank you again, very much!


Dear Peter — My boyfriend and I used the benches for the first time this morning, and they work perfectly for him. So I get to keep the medium bench I love so much. And he was thrilled with the gift. Thank you again.


My boyfriend and I have been using the meditation benches every day, and we love them! They are incredibly comfortable!

K.A.C., Oakland, California

My friend told me you have the best bench on the market and so I would like to order one.

R.D., Richmond, Virginia

Peter, When I opened the box at first and saw the legs lying flat, my first thought was — how did he do that? Then I saw. How ingenious! In the parlance of the day — way cool!! I am so pleased to have the bench. The care and attention you gave to its creative design and precise construction are imminently apparent. I feel certain it will serve me well for many years to come. Thank you for accommodating my request in the height of the bench. My knees thank you as well! You can be sure that I will pass your name along with the highest of recommendations to anyone who wonders where I got such a finely considered object.

J.B., Tampa, Florida

Peter: I got it today, it looks great! Thanks,

P. McC., San Diego, California

Dear Peter, Just wanted to let you know I received the Omni bench you sent me today. I am delighted that I received it in time to go to my retreat. It’s a beautiful bench and I think it will facilitate a much more comfortable sitting for me. Thanks once again!

C.S., Eugene, Oregon

Received bench thanks. Looks great.

S.E., Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada

Dear Mr. Catizone, I would like you to know that I have been a very happy user of one of your Omni benches that I purchased at a retail outlet in Seattle.

Rev. E.N., Portland, Oregon

Greetings! I have received a beautiful Omni Bench for Valentine’s Day.

L.H., Oakland, California

Dear Peter Catizone, I would like to order an Omni Bench from you. It sounds perfect.

J.M.P., Bellingham, Washington

I’m happy to say your Omni Bench arrived safely today — a new sitting experience! Thanks for the prompt service. Regards,

C.C., Eichenau, Germany

Dear Peter, It was such a joy to speak with you over the phone. I wanted to thank you for your dedication to your work and your immediate friendship. I am looking forward to using your bench and telling others about it. I will be sure to contact you after I receive the benches.

I got the Omni Bench or both of them today, and they are fabulous, I really love it. I would like to talk to you more about expressing my adulation, its really an amazing item, and I know, I have been doing this a long time, sitting on my butt whether playing guitar or practicing meditation, its incredible, in fact I would like to continue buying items from you. I am thinking to purchase an Omni Desk.

E. B-M. Meditation Teacher, Brooklyn, New York

Your bench made quite an impression down in Naples, Florida. I am sure that you are going to get more orders, they are all talking about it.

K.O., Chestland, Ohio

Dear Peter, The Omni Bench I purchased from you last month is working out very, very well. The medium definitely seems to be the right size, and the Cherry wood is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Many blessings,

C.C., Northampton, Massachusetts

Thanks for the bench. It arrived two days ago and looks very nice. The wood is beautiful. Thanks, Peter. I really appreciate your service.

D.T., San Mateo, California

Dear Mr. Catizone, I once had one of your wonderful benches. When I was away from home for an extended period of time, somebody relieved me of it, and I have missed it sorely since. I am happy to find your ad in Tricycle please send me a bench. Thank you very much — could you hurry? Thanks. Sincerely,

T.G., Champaign, Illinios

Greetings Dear Peter, It was great meeting you and talking on the phone. I look forward to many treasural experiences on my new bench. Blessed are you Peter, being the one who markets such great items. Peace and Blessings Always,


Greetings Peter, Thank you so much for sending my bench. If it were done any other way I would have probably waited z more years. I am living the experience, the bench works wonders, it sends me signals to insure I get my time in peaceful poise. Thank you, you are truly blessed. And I am sharing your blessing.

T.G.E., Washington, DC

Dear Peter, Thank you so much for sending your beautiful bench so promptly. Thank you again — its beautiful and I’m delighted to own/use such aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture.

J.D.T., Gouldsboro, Maine

Peter, The bench is everything you said it was. And a beautiful piece of art too. Thank you,

A.M.S., Oceanside, California

It’s a beautiful design — thank you. Kind Regards,

L.L., Sydney, Australia

Dear Peter, Hello once again from central Illinois. I have enjoyed your large Omni Bench very much and really appreciate its craftsmanship and strength. Thank you very much for a fine product.

P.S. I’m just about halfway through a meditation course at IMS in Barre, MA. Your bench has helped me through this course and how, with my awareness meditations and readings I would like to add your desk to my meditation space, Thanks for your help and care and OUTSTANDING PRODUCTS.

K.W.K., Springfield, Illinois

UPS just delivered my bench this afternoon. It’s Beautiful. I will take it for a test drive tomorrow morning, which is when I do my daily meditation. I practice the Vipassana style of Buddhist meditation. Thanks again for the beautiful bench.

S.H., Salinas, California

Dear Peter, I received my Omni Bench today just in time for my evening sit. Just thought I’d tell you that I love it! Thanks for being such a pleasure to do biz with and thanks for making this wonderful tool.

C.A., Philippines

I tried out your product in a bookstore in Santa Cruz and thought it was great compared to a similar seat I have used for two years. I was pleased to find you on the net once I returned to Madison, WI, since I didn’t have the space to pack it back from the West Coast. Thanks again,

M.S., Madison, Wisconsin

Hello Peter, I ordered a bench from you a while back and I’ve been very happy with it. I am interested in having a matching desk and bench done.

A.J.V., Kyoto, Japan

Thank you — it arrived this morning. It is beautiful and my husband (anniversary gift recipient) loves it. Thanks for such a beautiful and functional product.

B.R., Clifton Park, New York

My wife just purchased an Omni Bench for me as a present. It is a wonderful design, much better than the bench I currently use.

C.D., Clifton Park, New York

Hi Peter, The bench arrived Monday and it is gorgeous! I love the birdseye maple (I’m guessing). The only problem is I can’t admire it when I’m meditating. You are quite a craftsman! Great work! Marc

M.V., Billings, Montana

Dear Peter — Thanks again for trusting me to send you the check for the bench you sent. It came and is great. I am carrying it in my luggage as I travel all year round all over the world. I want another one.

J.P., Germany

Dear Peter — My wife recently purchased one of your benches through Yoga Zone. She’s thrilled with it as a meditation seat, and I love it, too. Also, I am considering purchasing one for myself. Thanks for your useful product.

F.C., Berkeley, California

Thank you for your important work.

J.R., New York, New York

I look forward to receiving the desk. If it is anything like the bench, I am sure it is of high quality.

S.G., Overland, Kansas

Thank you again for your kind assistance. You’ve designed a beautiful bench, which has been very helpful to me.

D.R., L.W., Houston, Texas

Dear Peter, I am grateful for the gift you are giving the meditation community in general by offering these fine products. Thanks again, your friend and happy customer.

C.T.S., Lubbock, Texas

Dear Peter, My desk arrived today. It is lovely.

K.L.K., Auburn, Indiana

Dear Peter, I receive the benches and desks right on time and in perfect condition. I presented them to my wife this morning and she loved them. They are indeed beautiful works of art. The padouk is really quite extraordinary. Your workmanship far exceeds that of our Santhosh meditation benches. Once again thank you and I will send you business whenever I can. With heartfelt appreciation.

C.S., Fort Polk, Louisiana

Peter this is Mary — R.L.’s wife. The bench just arrived today, its beautiful, its absolutely beautiful. and it fits perfectly. Thank you very much. Thank you again it’s gorgeous.

ME.L., Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago, Northbrook, IlIinois

Dear Peter, Here is the original bench I bought. I want to thank you so much for letting me use it while you make my custom bench. During my week in New York on business, I was able to sit in my hotel room several times and best of all I had just found the Zen Studies, New York Zendo Shobo-Ji which is open to the public on Thursdays and I was able to sit there for the first time, with confidence, because I had my bench with me. It worked out very well. When I get my new bench I plan to always take it to N.Y. with me so I can go to Shobo-Ji and sit in my room. It Packed so well in my luggage that it didn’t create any additional hardship at all!

K.W., Fresno, California

Dear Mr. Catizone, Thank you in advance for the Omni Bench. As soon as I saw the picture in Tricycle I knew it was what I am looking for.

T.W., Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

Dear Peter, thanks again for the wonderful desks and benches, we have truly enjoyed them. As a matter of fact, we decided to replace our old benches, and order two more benches from you, one small and one large, made from birdseye maple. As this is your favorite wood, I am really looking forward to using them. By the way, I have a close friend who teaches yoga in Texas, who has several hundred students. I am going to show him your benches when we visit him in April, and hopefully that will generate new orders for you. Thanks again and keep in touch.

C.S., Fort Polk, Louisiana

Peter, your bench is a beautiful design, and the wood is also beautiful. Please send me another, a friend wants mine.

M.P. Associates, Architect, Coral Gables, Florida

Just got my custom made bench in the mail yesterday. Thank you so very much. The finish and the grain is just beautiful. It looks really great.

K.W., Fresno, California

Dear Peter, I received the order today and loved the birdseye maple and wouldn’t trade my bench for the world. Thanks again for everything.

C.S., Fort Polk, Louisiana

Dear Peter, Thank you for the Omni Bench. You really ship quickly! I am enjoying it already. Please send me the Omni Desk. I am sure that it will be the same great quality as the bench. Much success in all things.

H.R., Brooklyn, New York

It was a couple of weeks ago, but I did receive the very beautiful custom-sized (very large) bench that you made for me. Thank you! It is lovely, and it has the height that I needed.

L.W., Professor of Environmental Health, Houston, Texas

Peter — Thanks again. Your work is really marvelous.

D.D. Ph.D., Kansas City, Missouri

I just wanted to say how beautiful the bench is, the grain in the figured maple is just gorgeous. I being a musician can really appreciate the quality of the wood. Thanks again, its just a beautiful piece. Its really great

K.D., Asheville, North Carolina

Absolutely beautiful, I can’t wait to try it out.

R.G., Somerville, Massachusetts

Hi Peter, The Omni benches have arrived. I love mine, I love the patterning. I don’t know whether to look at it, or sit on it. But either way I am going to enjoy it. Thank you very much for creating it. Take care.

A.A., Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dear Peter, You have a wonderful way of calming people down! I have the bench in hand, have tried it out and it is perfect. Thank you for your care. It is a beautiful creation, and will certainly enhance my sitting!

Mrs. J.T., Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Hi Peter, The omni bench arrived yesterday. It is a beautiful piece of work. I am impressed by your attention to detail. Have a great holiday!

P.O., Madison, Wisconsin

My wife just got me the Omni Bench which I was eyeballing for about 5 years. And I just wasted to let you know a couple of things. One is, I am just thrilled with it, the design and the workmanship is something I just don’t see very often. It’s just magnificent, I love it. God, the wood is just beautiful and the simplicity, I just love it. It’s definitely an air loom. I am going to be spending a lot of time with my bench and I just wanted to let you know that we just love it. Anyway you do great work. Thanks again, and have a good holiday.

J.K., Anchorage, Alaska

Peter, The bench and the desk have arrived. They are beautiful. I am really impressed with the grain effects you have achieved. They work really well, as well. When I received them, the first thing I did (of course, after putting the desk together) was sit and write a love letter to my wife of 17 years. Thank you for the wonderful work!

J.P., Maidens, Virginia

Hi Peter! I’ve been enjoying your Omni Bench. Wonderful craftsmanship! Thanks!

D.T., Department of Family Medicine, Madison, Wisconsin

I was looking at your web-site, and I have often admired your benches in ads in Tricycle Magazine. I would like to order an Omni Bench. I will try to remain unattached — but I can’t wait to receive my custom bench! G.J. Peter hello, This is G.J. You sent me a custom bench. I am so thrilled with it. it looks beautiful. I am very happy with it, and I can’t wait to give it a try. Once I give it a little test drive I will be happy to write you my own testimony that you can add to your long list of testimonials, thank you and have a mindful afternoon. Can’t wait to try her out tomorrow morning.

G.J., St. Louis, Missouri

Peter, I received your bench yesterday, it was just beautiful. I loved it. The color is very soft, not light, and not dark, just very soft, I loved it. The structure of wood is very interesting, but not so sharp. Just silent beautiful. And I definitely like that it’s much lighter. Thank you very much, and I am sorry for the inconvenience. You are the beautiful master and a good man.

H.V., Brooklyn, New York

Thanks for the prompt reply. And thanks for the prompt shipment!! I had no idea that it would be sent so quickly. Just from the photos (as well as the overall energy of your simple, tasteful web site) your benches were by far the best I located, and the ONLY ones I could find incorporating my two essential criteria: legs that collapsible AND curved at the base. Good job!!

A.K., Framingham, Massachusetts

Peter, Many thanks. I look forward to many hours of comfortable meditation! Take care,

A.S., Boulder, Colarado

Dear Peter — I LOVE my Omni Bench! Let me give the Desk a whirl.

S.W.A., Orange, Connecticut

Dear Peter: The bench is beautifully made. I love the way that the seat, aided by the curved bottom legs, fits perfectly with my seat. The hinges and the way that the seat folds up is ingenious.

G.J., St. Louis, Missouri

Dear Peter — I read in a book somewhere that woodworkers have a weakness for ginger snaps. I hope you enjoy these. Thanks for the extra care. The bench is lovely, and I’m testing it out daily. Best wishes,

J.A.G., Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Peter this is G,C. I ordered the Omni Bench from you which I received and really loved the construction of it. Its just a wonderful bit of old fashion workmanship that you just don’t see anymore.

G.C., New York, New York

I have a friend here in Hamilton Montana that has one of your benches, and it is wonderful. Please send me one as soon as possible.

G.N., Corvallis, Montana

Dear Peter, Again, my thanks for your courteous assistance. And my appreciation for the exemplary craftsmanship of the bench.

G.C., New York, New York

Dear Peter, We received the bench and reading table, and they are both beautiful and very well crafted. The quartersawn oak you used matches our two oak bookcases in the same room. And more importantly, I’ve already used the bench for a long sitting and sutra reading (with an ill friend very much in mind.) But as I’m getting older and my limbs aren’t so limber, the bench is a blessing for longer meditations — and I’ll recommend it both to older friends, or to anyone just beginning to practice. Thanks and regards, Thomas

T.S.T., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Got the bench today Peter. It looks lovely and quite tall! Thanks a lot. George

G.C., New York, New York

Dear Mr. Catizone, The Omni Bench is truly a piece of art and a great meditation aid! I have arthritis in my hip and the Omni Bench is the only way I have found to sit comfortably in meditation.

C.L., Clifton Park, New York

I deeply appreciate your work! I’ve been using my Omni Bench for sixteen years now and still love it and will use it for many more years to come.

M.K., New York, New York

Dear Peter: I love the bench and and admire the quality and craftsmanship.

B.L.R., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hi Peter, I don’t know if you remember me — I’m the fellow from Alaska who ordered a bench from you last December. And what a gem it was. Unfortunately, the Los Alamos fire wasn’t so attached to it. That’s right, it was burned. On the positive side, I did get to use it in a 20-day vipassana meditation course before its demise. It would have been far more difficult, nay impossible, without it. So, I believe it’s time to order another, and hopefully this one will hang around a bit longer.

C.S., Los Alamos, New Mexico

Thank you so much for the special customized Omni Bench. You made it exactly to our specifications and it looks like you created another piece of art. Thank you for being so responsive to my needs and for being so generous. You and your craftsmanship will be in all my meditations. Sincerely,

M.R. — M.K., New York, New York

I bought a Omni Bench a few years back and I use it every day. I love it.

W.O., Hyattsville, Maryland

Peter, The bench is great! Thanks so much.

B.R., New Haven, Connecticut

Peter, I am extremely happy with the Omni Bench that I ordered some time ago… thank you for making this high-quality product available. Thanks!

M.M., Chicago, Illinois

Hi Peter, Just a note to say thank you for your Omni Bench. Over a year ago you sent a most beautiful Beech wood bench. All of my body parts love it. Not only is it a pleasure to the eye but to the butt as well. It has added considerably to my practice. For that I thank you. Best Wishes,

J.A.H., Orange, California

Hello Peter, I recently attended a retreat and saw several examples of your benches. They received rave reviews. I would like to order a bench. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Phyllis


Dear Peter, I hope you are having a wonderful vacation. I wanted to let you know that I tried using a bit of oil on the surface scratch on my bench (that was inadvertently caused when I opened the box). It is not perfect — certainly not as perfect as the bench was when you shipped it off to me — but it did help conceal the scratch a bit. I appreciated your story about how the Japanese deliberately put a scratch in every new car they buy. I also know that eventually something else would happen to my bench to make it less than perfect, so I will love it no less with this scratch than without it, and perhaps even more because of it. I would like you to know how absolutely stunning my bench is and how stellar the craftsmanship and artistry are. In addition to being a work of art, the Omni bench is a practical piece of furniture that is functional and comfortable beyond my wildest dreams. The hinges are ingenious! This is the bench I have dreamed of, but little did I know that it already existed. I am delighted beyond expression! I am grateful that you were willing to refinish my bench to remove the scratch. If by chance I change my mind down the road, it is comforting to know that your offer is there. Thank you for such a beautiful piece of work, your attention to detail, and the promptness of filling my order. It was also a true pleasure speaking with you. Wishing you goodness and peace, Joanne.

J.S., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Dear Peter, I have had a mental image of the ideal study set up for a couple of years. This image has come from my practice of meditation and hatha yoga. It took me a while to find your web site. I didn’t know what to call what I was looking for. I started off searching for ergonometric stools – no luck. Then I looked under meditation merchandise. Voila, it is called a meditation bench. Then I found your site and was suprised to find exactly what I had imagined, The bench and the desk. Thanks again, Stone

S.D., Mobile, Alabama

The bench has just arrived (so quickly!) and it’s lovely. Thank you. Daphne

D.F., Geneva, Switzerland

Dear Peter, I am 65 years old and have tried every meditation bench on the market. And yours is the best. I have been able to double my meditation time without my legs going to sleep.

R.S., Camden, Maine

Dear Peter, I am glad to hear that the bench is on its way. How did I find you? By surfing the web. I must have examined about thirty sites, and yours was the most expensive. I am a Catholic monk who does not have a thousand dollars to his name, but I kept feeling that yours was the best, that it was the most practical, and that it had been most lovingly made. I am 58 and know that this meditation bench will accompany me as a spiritual friend for the rest of my life. So how could I have put a price upon it and complain that it took about 1/8 of my holdings when it will share with me the daily most precious hours that remain of my life here below? Yes, I surfed the web, prayerfully, and friends counseled me to make a different purchase, but I chose you because even over the web, I felt a warm loving kindness emanating from your person. So blessings upon you, Peter! Please continue to aid all kinds of people in their prayer and meditation life. You are sowing precious seeds. Love,

Padre P., Watertown, Massachusetts

Dear Peter, After a very full day (both materially and spiritually), I arrived late but rejoiced to find that the omni bench had arrived. Just as you said, you had chosen the finest grain, and I made use of the bench immediately after unpacking it. It is beautiful, practical — devotional. I didn’t expect to receive it so soon, and thank you for handling shipment so speedily. I appreciate the bench more than you can imagine, and shall always pray for you when I use it. May you have a Happy and a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Padre P., Watertown, Massachusetts