Oregon Mountain National Forest 1969 had a 160 acres old Gold and Copper mine adjoining the National Forest. I had a horse, chickens, 2 goats, and a wolfdog. 

I didn’t know vegetables came from the ground. I thought they came from Rosario’s fruit and vegetable.

I didn’t look for water until I got thirsty. I found part of the meadow wet, then climbed up the mountain until I found the source 3 trickles of water coming from 3 underground springs.

I was concerned that 3 trickles of water wouldn’t be enough water for us to survive, so I was going to dig it out to increase the water flow. But an old man said, if you try to dig out the underground spring, you take the risk of losing it by changing its direction, so I left it alone.

Instead, while holding on to the side of mountain with one hand, I made channels with my other hand, combining the 3 into 1 channel of water leading to the bottom of the mountain. At the bottom, I dug a large hole lined it with rocks, and had the spring water filling the hole. It was enough water for myself and animals.

I made a gravity-flow garden on the mountain slope, so by moving rocks I could water different parts of the garden. At the end of the water flow I dug a deep hole and filled it with water. It became my in-ground bathtub, with the Sun warming the water during the day. I would jump in at the end of the day to take a bath, and by the next morning, the water would drain off and I would just repeat the process.

That summer was blistering hot and everyone’s water source dried up in the valley below but my 3 trickles of water never changed, forever constant Trinity.

During the winter I wrote theological ontologies corresponding with Father Mark, who was a Trappist monk / medical doctor at St Joseph’s Abbey.

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