The benefits of meditation chairs

We’re all aware of the benefits of meditation, but what about the obstacles that those who meditate, newcomers and veterans alike, come across when meditating? Nearly by definition, the simple act of meditation is intended to be a comfortable, relaxing endeavor. However, too often, our bodies are too accustomed to be in motion – which can work against the serenity of meditation. Simply put, meditation chairs help your body find its comfort zone while meditating. But what exactly can they help with? If you’re experiencing back pain, poor circulation and a painful seated posture, a meditation chair can help.

Back pain

  • By far, one of the most common complaints we hear. This is one of the reasons why people seeking serenity through meditation started using chairs. By finding the correct curvature for your spine, Omni Ergonomic Meditation Benches relieve back pain by removing stress on the pressure points created in your back after short and lengthy periods of meditation. The natural way to stop back pain is, of course, to strengthen your back and core, and our rounded leg base allows one to comfortably do so. Your back and core are strengthened the more you use the Omni Bench, as it is a more “active” way of meditation — meaning, you are using more muscles than simply sitting in a recliner or sofa.

Loss of circulation

  • To retain our simplistic design that optimizes aesthetics and functionality, Omni Ergonomic Benches do not come with cushions. However, if you are experiencing pressure points that result in a feeling of numbness in your legs, you may want to invest in a meditation cushion. These can range from $10–$20, and can alleviate these symptoms.

There are a number of different chair styles that you can try:

Back Support Chairs

  • This option is for those who have extreme concerns or discomfort in their lower back when meditating. The seat uses a back support (hence the name). However, these chairs are not usually portable, unlike Omni Benches. How often do you meditate in the same place, every day? Do you have a place dedicated to meditating? These are considerations you must ask yourself before investing in a back support chair.

Full chairs

  • Like back support chairs, these also feature support. Built for comfort over any functionality, these are also cumbersome to move. However, full chairs tend to be expensive, due to their high customization options — you may have a full chair made to your exact specifications and features.

Meditation benches

  • What Omni Meditation Benches feature. These blend functionality, portability and aesthetic qualities. Benches work to support your back not by artificial means, but naturally, by allowing your spine to find its natural resting position, while strengthening your core muscles. These are also designed with maximum portability, and fold up so you can be equipped for a meditation session on the go — on vacation, at the office, and so forth.
  • Choosing a meditation chair can appeal to veterans and newcomers to meditation alike. However, before you choose a style, make sure you ask yourself why you need a meditation bench. With the many options, there is one for you and your personal goals and comfort level with meditation.